Astrological Remedies for Health / Medical / Sex Problems, Diseases Analysis and Solutions in Astrology

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Medical Astrology is the branch of astrology in which health and illness of a person could be analyzed by a medical astrologer. With the help of the medical card, the location and trend of weakness in a body part is known even before the disease manifests as a serious disease.

To determine whether a planet or sign rules a particular disease or body part is to assume that the zodiac signs describe the anatomical location in the body, that is to say the ram is the head, Pisces is the feet and planets refer to the physiological action. Mars in Cancer therefore increases stomach acid, while Saturn in Cancer indicates a decrease in stomach acid.

The planets determine the action or reaction to the disease according to the nature of the planet and its international aspects. The site of the disease is determined by quadruplicate. An affliction in Aries can indicate a medical problem in one organ or tissue balance rules and vice versa. An affliction in any one or more signs of four copies may indicate a medical problem in one of the four signs of the four copies. Therefore, an affliction could manifest into a bull in a Taurus or associated component in a body headed by Scorpio, Leo or Aquarius.

Arguably, each planetary body works in three ways. Nativity of the individual, it may be too much energy on the planet a few individuals, a failure or a permutation.

Each planet gives a special type of the disease in an organ, but becomes modified, altered or concealed by the receipt of the Cross of aspects to other planets. The combination of the planet, sign, house and look we can infer structural and functional disorder.

Problems with the brain, headaches, anger, depression, sleep, emotional imbalances are caused by incorrect placement of the moon to that birth chart or by an unfavorable transit inspecting the Moon at birth. Skin problems, sexual problems, low sperm count in men or lack of sex drive in men are caused by improper placement of Venus in her chart of birth or by a unfavorable transit inspecting Venus at birth. Obesity, lack of sex drive in women, reproductive problems in women is caused by the planet Jupiter being placed in the Ascendant or inspecting the ascendant at birth Dasha or period (time) of the planet Jupiter, with March 1 wrong place, or aspects.

Spiritually speaking, Karma plays a very important role in the state of that health. Karma is nothing, but different projections created by the unconscious based on a thought patterns and can be negative / positive based on the state of consciousness, one is at. These projections are transported along the next life, and were born of parents whose karmic records complement the soul taking the physical body through those parents. These karmic records may only be cleared by the grace of a Guru [a spiritually high person] or a person who has attained a very high state of consciousness or by prayers and mind control. On the other hand if we do not know how to have mind control or does not have good karma to find such a guru, one can take the help of medical astrology to control and eradicate physical problems.

We use a combination of technical and predictive analysis chart, to determine whether or not a medical condition or acute chronic. We observe the disease progression, and its gravity by various methods predictive. Severity of the disease is based transits, progressions, solar arc directions, and eclipses lunations affecting the classification of natal at specific disease.

Vedica analysis is use to determine the diseases in horoscope, astrological remedies are the powerful solution of health / medical / sex problems.

Vedic astrologer Pandit R. Kumar solves medical problems through astrological remedies.

Astrologer R. Kumar has helped many people to cure health/sex disease. To take the advantage of his experience and knowledge in the field of Astrology or to get the best Astrological Solutions.

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