Basic overview of future of new born

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Every child who comes into this world has his destiny pre-written in his tiny hands. Some things in particular like at which place he or she was born, his or her birth time and date of birth are very important. In every cause worthy reason these facts would come handy. Divine powers like Swami Ji only, can forecast about a new born’s future, what to save him from and what positive Pujas have to be performed to make his life a gift from heaven. Namkaran ceremony ought to be performed and apt name that might even come from Vishnu Sahastra Nama ought to be kept. The name given to a child must bear a harmonious balance between his Janma Rashi, Ghati, Pal and other issues.

Child’s life ahead might involve the information on his health, how he takes up studies, whether he has some qualities to rise above the rest or the willingness to beat the odds. Exactly when would he succeed in his life? What does the future hold in its hands for the child, these are some queries that might put a parent in a situation might seem impossible to get over. One must approach Swami Ji to get an answer. Education, career and the prospects of going abroad regarding the children are a few things that every parent wants Swami Ji to answer about.