Best Muhurat for an Occasion

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In the ancient times, Rajpurohits used to calculate the best time, the best nakshatra for a particular occasion. It is believed that there are good and bad timings that might affect a person’s life. Every day there is a Rahu Kal. Pundits make announcements about this particular time period. There are several moon faces based on which calculations are made about the Chandra Lagan or the Lunar positions in one’s Kundali. Swami Ji has complete knowledge about this. He foretells a person about the most precise time to do a particular thing. If unfortunately, a person’s meets with some mishap, he is told to perform some Daan, in a particular Nakshatra. ‘A stitch in time saves nine’ the saying goes. There is a right time for everything.

Time, place, day and date of birth are important and even while person is getting married the particulars of his birth are being taken care of. Swami Ji makes the Janma Kundali of a person. He informs exactly when a particular ‘Greha’ is going to be dominant in a person’s life. Even the nature of a person is based upon his birth statistics. Graha Pravesh is also done on a specific day and time, as per the astrological advice. So why not meet Swami Ji and get the help required?