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Get Solution for Red Book- Lal Kitab by Red Book Expert. Consult for Astrological Remedies- Upay and Tips in Lal Kitab

Predictions Lal Kitab – how to get accurate predictions Lal Kitab?

We all know that Lal Kitab is an excellent system of astrology. Very few systems of astrology can predict not only accurately but also provide remedial solutions to the problem. For predictions, Lal Kitab method is quite similar to some of the texts Nadi southern India. Lal Kitab predictions are based primarily on the inter-relationship of the planets and signs are given almost irrelevant.

There is a caveat though. Lal Kitab competent astrologers are rare. There are many astrologers who claim to be astrologers with good knowledge of Lal Kitab Predictions Lal Kitab, but knowledge when it comes to the effective implementation of Lal Kitab limited.

So the question is how to obtain predictions Lal Kitab quality? I can provide some suggestions- Certain specific remedies based on Indian Astrology

For emergency key ghost or the unknown

  • Make your way to ban Bajrang seven times a day
  • Porter mahamritunjaya yantra locket black wire to the neck auspicious day.
  • Person may wear a combination of three stones only after consulting astrologer. The stones are toad, pearl and Yellow Sapphire
  • 10 face Rudraksha wear a black thread after performing pooja pran pratishta neck
  • Make the path or Durga Durga pooja or daily wear and Durga yantra locket bias neck.
  • Wash all home gangajal and burn home googal recite the Gayatri mantra at least 108 times.


Some remedies for peace and prosperity

  • Perform daily pooja hanuman.
  • Saturday gives oil to Lord shani.
  • Hold fast and do Shiv pooja on Mondays during the month of sawan.
  • Gives a pair of shoes to a poor person on Saturday.
  • While rising in the morning watch your palms and kiss three times from Saturday and not talk to any.
  • Stones have a special place for peaceful and fruitful life.


Some remedies for obtaining and multiplication of money.

  • To 108 balls of wheat while reciting the mantra Om IWRM nameh lakshmi 108 times and feed the fish. Do it for 108 days. Financial position will increase.
  • Kesar chandan and apply on the forehead.
  • If the winner is a good thing and you are not able to multiply the income then give cake with oil applied on it a black dog on every Saturday.
  • To earn money suddenly give scented agartbatis in love with the goddess lakshmi temple.


Some remedies for the well-being of children

  • In case you are concerned about children’s health etc.. concerns or because of their dresses then give all the idols of gods and goddesses kept in the temple.
  •  If your child is not able to speak properly Shankh him water to drink every day. Also a stone is recommended for this.
  •  If you or your child does not get repair even after taking medicines against cough and to relieve should include plant root Loban in the neck Tuesday or Friday.
  •  If your acidity problem is not curable and repair wear bracelet or ring, horse shoe or nail taken from the bottom of the boat, on Saturday or Sunday, Tuesday.


Remedies to be free of debt or loan

  • To get rid of loans well bring water to a graveyard and pour into a peepal tree for 6 Saturdays.
  • Give the cake with oil applied on it a black dog on every Saturday and garnish with coconut powder bura or gur and bury under a peepal tree.
  • Plant two banana [male and female] in the temple of Vishnu and take care of them. When they begin to bear fruit ready begin to reduce. Do not eat the fruit of this plant yourself. Leave it to others to eat.
  • Each day provides water at sunrise. put 11 seeds of red pepper in it, keep reciting Om adithyaye nameh while injecting water and pray for the return of the loan.
  • Gems and will certainly help in repayment of loans.
  • Apply kesar and chandan yellow on the forehead from Thursday’s all shukal paksh to 12 pm and make your way to Shri Suktam.
  • Ashoka tree planting and water per day.
  • Recite Hanuman Chalisa with the help of your family members daily for 108 times. And that this process continues for 40 days. Brahmacharaya observe and keep your house clean in these 40 days. Also avoid foods onion, garlic and non vegetarian food. After these 40 days bestow chola and halwa Prasad to Hanumanji in the temple of hanuman Tuesday. You will certainly get benefit out of it.


To improve a company or business

  • 5 Attach the Gomati chakras in a red cloth and tied at the entrance of your store or office on Friday after 11:30.


For better work

  • Take a big lemon and cut into 4 equal parts in the evening or before sunrise and go Chauraha [where four roads meet] and throw the pieces on all four directions. After laying the pieces home and not go anywhere else. Repeat this remedy for 11 days.


Some remedies to save a bad eyes of others

  • Take a bit of raw milk on a Saturday or Sunday and give 7 rounds of it around the head of people affected, and after giving the milk a black dog to drink.

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