Delay in Marriage

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It could happen to you! A situation might arise that could cause an unwanted delay in marriage. Mangal or Nadi Dosha, or some other reason might be there, that might hinder the prospects of a good marriage.  In many cases marital alliance might not happen as Gun Milan scoring might be low. At such times, persons have to think about prevention of the bad from happening.

In such cases if you start to worry, it could leave you frustrated, and instead of reaching your goal, you might be deviated from your path. For marital purposes, you have to be patient. Only then would there be hundred per cent chances of your case getting resolved. Astrologer R. Kumar Ji is obviously the best help that you could ever ask for.

There are several remedies for preventing delay in marriage, or late marriage. Approach the right person blessed with absolute divine powers to find the best solution to get married faster. Jyotish Shastri Ji is one such person who not only has the prowess but also the vision that could direct you to be on the right pathway at the right time.

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