Doshas and Remedies

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If you want to get sure-shot remedies through Vedic Astrology for Mangal or Shani Doshas, or Sade Sati Dosh, there is only one solution for you! Astrologer R. Kumar Ji is just the right person to be approached for this purpose. All such issues are dealt with at ease by people who have the wisdom to distinguish the good from the evil forces. Using the astuteness of Vedic Astrology a lot of unanticipated elucidations might come! 

  • Nadi Dosha
  • Kal Sarp Dosha:

        There are 12 types of Kal Sarp Doshas, like:

  1. Anant
  2. Kulik
  3. Vasuki
  4. Shankhapal
  5. Padma
  6. Mahapadma
  7. Takshak
  8. Karkataka
  9. Shankhanaad
  10. Patak
  11. Vishakata
  12. Sheshanag
  • Shrapit Dosha
  • Kartik Janm Dosha
  • Shani Dosha
  • Sade Saati Dosha
  • Mangal Dosha

There might be other problems that might entangle you with, like: Gun Milan for marital purposes, No ‘manglik dosha’ but low scoring while matching Gunas, or other problems that are relevant to match- making.

One must not forget that there is a solution to every problem in life. An expert in Astrology might let you know which magnification level would work for which game of circumstance. Remedies might come through regular chanting of Hanuman Chalisa or through Lal Kitab. It might be possible that abundant solutions might come forth with constant help of experts in the field. You ought to commit to memory that astrology is a subject with greater possibilities and maximum possible solutions!