Kal Sarp Dosha

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Why do several people suffer from Kal Sarp dosha? What is it and what are the remedies to remove Kal Sarp ill-effects? It is often said that Kal Sarp Dosha is a malefic combination of stars in the kundli that affect the life of a person in the worst possible manner. When all the seven planets fall between Rahu and Ketu, Kal Sarp Dosha is sure to occur. Therefore, planetary positions play an important role in determining whether the person concerned is suffering owing to the fact that Kal Sarp Dosha is causing all the misfortune.

When all the important planets like Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Moon are placed between the positions where Rahu & Ketu are placed, Kal Sarpa Dosha is said to occur. According to Swami Ji’s verdict all the problematic issues can be sorted out through prayers like Maha Mrityunjaya jaap of several Rosary beads (mankas) made of tulsi or some other pious material. Swami Ji might also suggest you to wear some form of Rudrakash. So, what are you waiting for? Come and meet Swami Ji in person and get the remedy to the problem that you are facing.