Know your Gems Stones for Luck

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Diamond, Opal, Cat’s eye, Yellow Sapphire, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald … there are many gem stones and wearing one or two of them might change a person’s destiny. Gem stones not only bring sudden changes to alter one’s life for the better, they are not only anybody’s good luck charm, they are essentially important for bringing peace and sanctity in one’s life. Swami Ji advises different persons to wear different stones at a particular time interval on a specific day and on a particular finger. This prevents several Doshas from causing their illeffects on a person. Gem stones are powerful and the rays that that emancipate from them, remove the evil from a person.

Many persons ask whether the Gem stones are specific to a particular religion. Swami Ji disagrees to this. People from any religion might wear a stone meant for him. Gem-stones might be worn in a golden or silver frame or any other metal. Especially, Sapphire is being worn to calm a person down. Pearl is being worn for peace. There are several Gem Stones that are worn to please Gods and Goddesses. Emerald is worn on Wednesday to please the God.

Swami Ji opines that Gem stones are so much influential that they can improve the health of an ill person. Gem stones change the luck of a person. That’s why there are so many firm believers in Gem Astrology. Contact Swami Ji today, to be luckier!

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