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Astrologer R. Kumar Shastri Ji is the best Lal Kitab Astrologer in India. R. Kumar Shastri Ji predicts the future based on the principles of the Red Book (Lal Kitab) and suggests remedies.

Are you unhappy with the life?

Things are not happening as you want them to?

If the answer is in yes why to wait contact World Famous Lal Kitab Astrologer R. Kumar Shastri Ji can Change your life through Solutions in Lal Kitab Astrology.

In present days, there are many followers of Lal Kitab. One can find many practioners prescribing remedies as per the Farmaans of Lal Kitab but Red Book Astrologer like R. Kumar Shastri Ji are rare.

There are many people, who claim to have benefited from the remedies of this book.

The astrological remedies upaya or Farmaans have become part of every day culture in the

subcontinent, like throwing coins into a river while passing over it, feeding grass to cow,

and to offer meals child girls etc

Astrology held a fascination for R. Kumar Shastri Ji since he was a student and this passion for astrology leads him to studying various astrological books like Lal Kitab. R. Kumar Shastri Ji has deeply indulged himself in the divine study of Astrology. R. Kumar Shastri Ji has devoted time for the purpose of well being of the society. Not only R. Kumar Shastri Ji has good astrological knowledge but he has a complete command o Lal Kitab so as to remove the obstacles in Men’s Life.

Shastri Ji’s most of the clients are satisfied NRIs(from UK,USA,Canada and other countries) and Foreigners around the globe, but he also has a faithful and loyal thousand no of devotees in India also.

Prediction by Lal Kitab Astrologer R. Kumar Shastri Ji has helped many to get rid from the problems of their life. Famous Lal Kitab Astrologer R. Kumar Shastri Ji has been practicing astrology for the past 20 years. He is well known all over the globe for his accurate remedies via the way of Lal Kitab and to the analysis of various facts of life like Education, property issue, Litigation, Health issues, Career and Financial Problems, Marriage/Divorce and Child Issue.

The measures suggested in the Lal Kitab are very effective in solving all kinds of Problems.

Astrologist R. Kumar Shastri Ji can help you in resolving Love matter, fulfillment of wishes, Money and finance issues and Marriage disputes by the help of remedies as suggested in Lal Kitab.

Famous Astrologer R. Kumar Shastri Ji suggests that for fulfillment of wishes one should feed wheat flour and sugar to ants.


Lal Kitab Astrologer R. Kumar Shastri Ji suggests that for money and finance related matters one should plant a Pomegranate Plant/Anar tree in the house. Even this same remedy can be used for Good Luck and wealth issues.

If facing delay in the Marriage? Or Want to do marriage early? Can keep fast of 16 Mondays so as to get rid of problem.

If you are entering in a relationship take an old lock without any key and rotate around his/her head seven times and than throw the lock at any crossing and don’t look back for the success of relationship.

If you want to get married with your desired partner (girl friend or Boy friend) Lal Kitab Astrology suggest you to take a lamp (Mitti ka Deepak in Hindi) with oil in it, lit the lamp and then keep it in the South- West side / Corner of your house.


Please note that specific remedies given above may seem easy for you to practice but one should always use them in consultation with a knowledgeable Astrologer like Shastri Ji.