Match Making Consultation

Marriages are bliss for several people, who are destined to live peacefully and very much in love with one another. The best happens when all the Nakshatras /Grihas are rightly placed both in the Kundali of the girl as well as the boy. This is what is called the ‘Perfect Match’ or better still ‘the couple is made for each other’. However, if there is going to be some problem in the lives of the girl and the boy, the Horoscope would show a mismatch between the two. Therefore, Gun Milan ought to be done prior to getting the girl and guy married. Swami Ji has immense knowledge and he also predicts why a marriage must be solemnized.

Swami Ji must be consulted before marrying your son or daughter to the other party to prevent any harmful effects. Parents ought to be very patient in such cases. If there is a demand of dowry, for example, it would be better to stay away from such a marriage. Lest parents and well-wishers might have to regret later! Marriages ought to be taken seriously. There should to be a complete understanding and a harmonious balance between the boy and the girl. If there is a marriageable person in your house, consult Swami Ji today!