Nadi Dosha

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Why do several parents go for Gun Milan before even planning the marriages of their children? What form of typical issues start to occur if the girl and the guy have the same Nadi? Why is it called Nadi Dosha? Does it really matter? What if a couple has been suffering from the ill-effects of Nadi Dosha and feels that nothing can be done about it? Or, they want to know sure shot remedies for Nadi Dosha?

Swami Ji has relevant solutions for all such issues emancipating from Nadi Dosha. Different people might suffer from the same issue at different phases of their lives.  It is to detect the ill-effects of such Doshas that match making is being done and the scoring is taken into account. Swami Ji has in his power to tally the horoscopes of the girl and the guy and if there is any suitable remedy to Nadi Dosha, it is being offered and the clientele can be two hundred percent sure of good results. Like proper dietary intake is necessary to keep your body fighting fit, proper care ought to be taken that the best astrological remedies are taken right on time to get the best of the very best.