Pooja for all Occasions

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Astrological Remedies & Pooja for All Occasions

Worried about your career, business and relationships? Facing continuous downfall in financial, social, professional and personal life?

Conducting pooja can get an immediate cure to all your problems and sincerely devote you with your deity by leading you towards short route to success.

Here we have managed to illustrate practices of puja and astrology remedies for all pure-hearted worshipers.

Pooja for Education/Studies/Success

Saraswati Pooja, mark its recommendation for those who are seeking better results in education, studies, success. Goddess Saraswati, known as the goddess of knowledge is an epitome of knowledge, mastery in studies, sharpening of intellect and improvisation of memory. Whether preparing for competitive exam or seeking better results in studies, do not forget to perform Maa Saraswati Puja (Pooja for education/studies/success) with right mantras recitation.

Purusha Suktha Homam (Pooja for Progeny)
As stated in the Suta Samhita: Putrapradam Aputraanaam Jayadam Jayakaaminaam Bhuktidam Bhuktikaamaanaam Mokshadam Moksha Kaaminaam
Whether it is associated with getting rid of obstacles, complications, delay in pregnancy and negativity, Pooja for Progeny solves the purpose of all. It exemplifies those who wish progeny, success, worldly enjoyment and an acute peace of mind.
Pooja for Marital Life/Marriage Life/Relationship

For those who are distressed or unhappy with their married life and looking forward towards resolving mental discords, conducting Uma Maheshwari Pooja (Pooja for Marital life/Marriage life/Relationship) at least once in a year can help in marital bliss and harmony for longer.

The blessings of Uma, wife of Lord Shiva (Goddess Parvati) will continue to shower blessings on the couples and help taking out evil forces that are causing anger and differences to them.

Pooja (Pooja for Delay Marriage)
Facing undue delays in marriage? Both delay or denial in marriages can certainly be overcome by performing the Swayamvar Parvati Pooja/Homa, Gauri Shankar Pooja (Pooja for Delay Marriage).

Finding of a good spouse, overcoming unnecessary delays and obstacles are the main objectives of Parvati Pooja.

Kamdev- Rati Puja- For love life/Romance

Meant to bring in positivity, warmth and love both in life and relationships, Kamdev-Rati Puja, a Pooja for love life/Romance, as per the Vedic Rituals, is performed during the most auspicious time of Pradosh Kaal, which lasts from Basant Pancham till Holi.

If Hindu Rituals are to be believed Kamdev is signified as an epitome of manliness and handsomeness while Rati describes female beauty and charm.

Loving and being loved not only brings richness in our lives but also accompanies happy and secure future ahead. It seems as we all are just programmed to love since our childhood. Moreover, love at each stage of life has its own distinctive feel and appeal until we die.

Isn’t life worthless without a love? If you are experiencing hardships and longing for love life/Romance in life, learn Pooja for love life/Romance (Kamdev Rati Puja) from a learned and well versed Purohit.

Pooja for Wealth/Money/Business

Tired of facing continuous business failures? Can’t bear it anymore? Get the blessings right from the Goddess Lakshmi by attempting Lakshmi Kuber Pooja (Pooja for Business/job/career) and get rid of those barriers that are hindering your business performances.

If experiencing financial difficulties irrespective of saving huge amount of money, facing scarcity of funds, Maha Laxmi (Pooja for Money)- Known as the Goddess of Wealth and fortune can keep you at par from financial difficulties.

On the other hand, Lakshmi Narayan Pooja, (Pooja for Wealth/Prosperity) would help dispel obstructions and bothering caused by unannounced obstacles. It helps pleasing the adhipathi (king) of wealth and prosperity.

Keep all your pains and hardships at bay that are tormenting your mental stability.

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