Remedies for Kundali Dosh after Marriage

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Holy matrimony might have been done ceremonially, however there might be some Doshas that      remain to cause ripples in the lives of the couple. These Doshas could be Tara Dosha, Rashish Maitri Dosha, and/or Nadi Dosha. In some cases, Bhakoot Dosha remains. If there is anyone who can make out what each Dosha means, it would only be Swami Ji. He is the best judge in each case wherein Doshas recur after marriage. Match making score ought to go up once Swami Ji suggests some ‘Upayyas’.

Planetary positions or the Lords of various Houses play an important role in providing remedies to various Doshas that couples come to know of, after marriage. Manglik Dosha remedies are also there. Couples can perform havans and other activities to get the best results. Swami Ji is the best help when it comes to the removal of any such type of Doshas mentioned above or many others. Horoscopes might match, however some issues arrive after marriage. At such times people ought not to have any doubt about their partners, rather they need to trust what Swami Ji says and might work accordingly. Want a solution to Kundali Dosha post marriage? Work fast & approach Swami Ji!

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